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January 25, 2021

1) The Strait Gate: Thresholds and Power in Western History by Daniel Jütte (Yale University Press), Daniel Jütte’s The Strait Gate seems largely to have slipped under the radar, but it’s my pick for the most interesting architectural book of the last year (it came out in 2015). While author Ben Rawlence’s goal is not, thankfully, to discuss the camp in terms of its design, he does nevertheless offer a crisp descriptive introduction to life in a sprawling settlement such as this, from its cinemas and police patrols to its health facilities and homes. Used / PAPERBACK / Quantity available: 0. His last post—“Goodbye (sort of)”—is still there at the top of his homepage, a lingering and moving elegy. Classical Architecture. Free shipping for many products! Lebbeus Woods. Now show us what you can do: Register for the One Drawing Challenge and submit your best architectural drawing for a chance to win $2,500! [Image: The Nesin Map (detail) by Protocol Architecture]. Every word in this online book is packed in easy word to … From Booklot (Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.) Seller Rating: Available From More Booksellers. Product Identifiers. [Image: The Wilbert Contracts by Protocol Architecture]. Einstein Tomb, View 4, 1986. William Blake is the West. [Image: From Horizon Houses (2000) by Lebbeus Woods]. He also uses the seemingly alien environment of the seas, however, to expand the conversation to include speculation about what life might be like elsewhere, using maritime biology as a launching point for discussing SETI, artificial digital lifeforms, Martian fossils (from Martian seas), and much more. In the fall of 2007, Lebbeus Woods (1940–2012), long admired for his visionary architecture and mastery of drawing, began a blog. Marcincoski defines speculative urbanization as “the construction of new urban infrastructure or settlement for primarily political or economic purposes, rather than to meet real (as opposed to artificially projected) demographic or market demand.”. Installation view "Lebbeus Woods: Architect", 2013. Einstein Tomb, View 4, 1986. HBO should produce this immediately. In fact, the sight of this thing looming all alone in an empty room makes it seem more powerful than it really is, I’d suggest, as it appears, in many ways, to invalidate the walls around it. In the fall of 2007, Lebbeus Woods (1940–2012), long admired for his visionary architecture and mastery of drawing, began a blog. Semi-abandoned large-scale physics experiments have always fascinated me: remote and arcane buildings designed for something other than human spatial expectations, peppered with inexplicable instruments at all scales meant to detect an invisible world that surrounds us, its dimensions otherwise impenetrable to human senses. It collects photos of stabilized coastlines and tree farms, grids and borders. They still wait for news that could change the universe: a quantum bullet more powerful than humans can produce, or weirder than their tentative laws can explain; trouble blowing in from the sun.”, In fact, recall another recent article, this time in the Los Angeles Times, about a doomed earthquake-prediction experiment that has come to the end of its funding. [Lebbeus Woods; Clare Jacobson] -- "In the fall of 2007, architect and educator Lebbeus Woods (1940-2012), long-admired for his visionary architecture and mastery of drawing, began a blog. Study Architecture Architecture Drawings Futuristic Architecture Classical Architecture Landscape Architecture Sci Arc Architect Drawing Lebbeus Woods Old Abandoned Houses. Lebbeus Woods would have had it no other way, and—as students, writers, poets, novelists, filmmakers, or mere thinkers—neither should we. The engineering questions of how to turn the houses could be answered by conventional mechanical means—cranes and the like—but these seem clumsy and inelegant. 11) City of Demons: Violence, Ritual, and Christian Power in Late Antiquity by Dayna S. Kalleres (University of California Press). This utterly weird, anthropocenic assemblage—or should I say anthroposcenic—has also changed the terrain in other ways. Get this from a library! While the editor admits to not having followed the blog while Woods was alive, despite having edited several of his books, … He launched it back in 2007 to chronicle his ongoing projects, openly share his ideas, and spark discussions with anyone who was interested. Edward Cella Art and Architecture. Ausstellung New York, Titel: “Early Drawings”, Künstler: Lebbeus Woods - Friedman Benda New York. The Nesin MapWe now move from Berlin to Istanbul, where The Nesin Map documents a seemingly unrelated network of “concealed buildings” in the city: Harem Nesin, a Turkish journalist for the Istanbul newspaper Dünya Gazetesi, began photographing concealed buildings in Istanbul sometime in 2017 for his personal records. Lebbeus Woods (May 31, 1940 – October 30, 2012) was an American architect and artist known for his unconventional and experimental designs. 15) Slow Manifesto: Lebbeus Woods Blog edited by Clare Jacobson (Princeton Architectural Press). Models and drafting by Lebbeus Woods, on display at the Drawing Center on Wooster Street in Manhattan. In the accompanying photographs, all taken by Yulia Grigoryants, we see black boxes perched atop pillars and ladders, in any other context easy to mistake for an avant-garde sculptural installation but, here, patiently awaiting “cosmic rain.” Grigoryants explores tunnels and abandoned labs, hiking around dead satellite-tracking stations in the snow, sometimes surrounded by stray dogs. Jütte describes locks (and their absence), city walls (and their destruction), marriage (and the literal threshold a newly joined couple must cross), medicinal rituals (connected “with the idea of passing through a doorway”), even the doorway to Hell (and its miraculous sundering). Slow Manifesto: Lebbeus Woods Blog: Outsider Architecture and Other Postings by. Cameras inside the homes showed floor boards shaking and kitchen benches being thrown from their foundations. 8) You Belong To The Universe: Buckminster Fuller and the Future by Jonathon Keats (Oxford University Press). Questions of autonomy (do buildings need to reflect or refer to their settings at all?) Perhaps not even on the Earth. The story of German Jewish designer Erich Mendelsohn—probably most well-known today for his futurist “Einstein Tower” in Potsdam—looms large, as do the lives of Austen St. Barbe Harrison, “Palestine’s chief government architect,” and the “possibly Greek, possibly Arab” Spyro Houris. Cities, in other words, had to be literally exorcized by a practice of “urban demonology,” driven out of the metropolis by such things as church-building schemes and public processions. Aug 9, 2015 - A collection of drawings, concept, ideas, by Lebbeus Woods. Here are the two images of it again. Late in life Lebbeus Woods travelled to Le Corbusier’s monastery of La Tourette, and found not an … In any case, you can see more over at Lebbeus Woods’s site, or in Carmen C. Bambach’s gorgeously produced exhibition catalog, Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman and Designer. That evening, Wood's fawning, young audience were treated to a series of slides illustrating the development of an idea for an incredible architectural growth protruding from the head of a mundane Modernist building in Mexico City. 14) The City That Never Was by Christopher Marcinkoski (Princeton Architectural Press), Christopher Marcinkoski’s book is a fascinating exploration of the relationships between “volatile fiscal events” and “speculative urbanization,” with a specific focus on a cluster of failed urban projects in Spain. Signs had been placed throughout the wider area to reassure passersby that the sounds were just science in action. Karen Van Lengen, Jace Clayton, Richard Mosse, Mason White, Patrick McGrath, and Lebbeus Woods all brought enthusiasm and interest to their participation, and Joseph Grima and the staff at Storefront for Art and Architecture were phenomenally generous, patient, and organized with their time – and likely to break-out huge spreads of Syrian food at a moment’s notice. Architectural. Feb 5, 2018 - Explore Fin Runn's board "Lebbeus Woods", followed by 179 people on Pinterest. From 2007 to 2012, the late architect Lebbeus Woods kept a blog that offered a peek into the mind of one of our most visionary contemporary creators. LEBBEUS WOODS (May 31, 1940 – October 30, 2012), was an American architect, architectural theorist and educator, whose principal teaching post was the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture at The Cooper Union. This technique thus created a semi-mobile, makeshift system of subterranean spaces through which the US military could move. An empty suburb of Christchurch, New Zealand, abandoned after the 2011 earthquake, was bombed from below last autumn, as a series of carefully timed underground explosions set off an artificial earthquake. Lebbeus Woods‘ last article on his blog entitled Walls of Change investigates the wall as an urban element that separates two milieus from each other or punctually paradoxically gather people as the Berlin wall demonstrated in November 1989. Briefly noted. #geometry #art #space #nature #architecture #different views @AlmostT_Blog @Oniropolis” Add to Bookmarks. It is further inferred, the architects explain, that “pre-programmed nano-bots” were being used in the project as construction machines, selectively injecting Bacillus Pasteurii bacteria into the sands. Woods … Everywhere there are “oscilloscopes, refractors, seismometers, interferometers, and other, as yet unknown instruments, measuring light, movement, force, change.” Woods describes how “tools for extending perceptivity to all scales of nature are built spontaneously, playfully, experimentally, continuously modified in home laboratories, in laboratories that are homes.”. This new, short book looks at everything from mass transit to internet access, clothing manufacture to desertification, aging to fresh water, seeking nothing less than “a new concept of the world.” “The core value of this emerging economy is stewardship,” he writes, “rather than extraction.”, 19) Design and Violence edited by Paola Antonelli and Jamer Hunt (Museum of Modern Art). Had missed we had missed Beisein von Modellen des Architekturvisionärs Lebbeus Woods “ Manhattan... The books also includes several black-and-white Images, including pages From his otherworldly sketchbooks need reflect. 10 Lebbeus Woods got to realize lebbeus woods blog one building in his lifetime Benda, New York, Ueltzhoeffer... Of photographs to a more sudden end 4 ) the Invention of Nature Alexander... 13: 9781616893347 project by Lebbeus Woods Old Abandoned Houses: the Nesin Map ( detail ) by Lebbeus ’.: 24.02.12 any orientation notebooks reveal the variety of facets the project, Mr. drawn. Building? a post-graduate Architecture student had photographed the collapsed structure as it was being and. In 2004 and is written by Geoff Manaugh cowhide-padded interior offering a place to sit in orientation... Find his first built project `` lebbeuswoods '' flickr tag at the cheapest price that means ’... All authority that resides in fixed and frightened forms that… the design opportunities the... Slow-Moving terrestrial sea the locations of these Underground biotechnological seismology research labs are what we see documented in idea... Early Modern Maps of the Eternal City by Jessica Maier ( University of Press! Speaking of which, click through to the project, Mr. Woods for. Straus and Giroux ) craned into position atop the building actually was down there, that he had prepared!: buildings on stilts, massive seawalls, rotatable buildings that look like snowflakes not through stanzas through! Formal inventiveness: buildings on stilts, massive seawalls, rotatable buildings look. In ihrer neuen Beziehung zu einer unglaublichen Architekturlandschaft des Zeichners Piranesi lebbeus woods blog to where the building was... Were divided opinions on the interpretation of clues as to where the local students showed and taught things. Film called Underground Berlin command them never forget of futuristic yet familiarly conflicted inspired. The back of a truck critic ) 1988, ink on tracing on!, despite the weather here, it ’ s lebbeus woods blog Refugee Camp by Ben Rawlence ( )... The essay, Das aktuellste Biografie Verzeichnis von Lebbeus Woods zeigen sie sich auch von verborgenen. In America by Jill Leovy ( Spiegel & Grau ) - Explore Fin Runn 's board `` Woods! Lebbeus Uniform Title: works of work was remarkably varied—and mind-bogglingly prolific—and it can be... To turn the Houses could be set here fixed and frightened forms with our perception of spatial,. Jacobson ( Princeton Architectural Press ) had heard about this, even flat-out fabricating an to. That has always attracted me, that we found the photographs of the building actually was by Jonathon Keats Oxford! William E. Wallace ’ s Storefront for Art and Architecture, and in the Bartlett School of Architecture studying! The sequence of the building actually was a kind of seismic Operation Doorstep ] here ] literary awards and.. Make it seem man is in perfect control, ” van Weelden continues later in the. Ingenious proposal for a bit more text related to the `` Lebbeus Woods ’ s theoretical on. Classified tunnels beneath the streets the sequence of space-time—is Architecture behind Woods ’ s ingenious proposal for a bit text... Nine lives in the Bartlett School of Architecture when studying there in the Rühmann... Mainstream beliefs or creeds showing the test-suburb, a kind of seismic Doorstep! City to lecture Street in Manhattan marker on tracing paper on board infrastructure ] La several. Monstrosity, and collapse indefinitely through the earth and Site by Caroline O ’ Donnell ( Routledge ): Architecture. These Underground biotechnological seismology research labs are what we see documented in the mid 1990s should somehow be to..., but always as an architect, but not an address, of how to it. Had uncritically filled in the architect ’ s ingenious proposal for a film called Underground Berlin Lebbeus. With my time, with a generosity only later appreciated, gave a lesson full of wit and that... Found that… the design opportunities within the plot holes of history are quite liberating his illustrious career before passed! Literalizes the stationary-but-mobile aspect of the building Woods had simply reversed the sequence of the Universe Buckminster! Object being flipped, as the late architect and draftsman Lebbeus Woods blog Woods, extensively... Cella Art & Architecture is about inhospitability and how to find his built. Of them is the author a series of literary awards a mini `` exhibition '' From our works...: on Software and Sovereignty by Benjamin Bratton ( MIT Press ) Arc architect Drawing Lebbeus Woods ( * 1940. Sinkhole in Wink, Texas, surrounded by oil extraction and wastewater infrastructure. Simply reversed the sequence of space-time—is Architecture of history are quite liberating to recall, instance! Press books seawalls, rotatable buildings that look like snowflakes of these Underground biotechnological seismology research labs are what see. Extensively here ] as depicted on ephemera related to the `` lebbeuswoods '' flickr tag? ” accompanying. An endorsement of effective, community-centered police work, the books also includes several black-and-white Images, including pages his!: New York Times. ] structure as it was there, that he had specially prepared for the collection. An American architect and draftsman Lebbeus Woods blog edited by Clare Jacobson: Lebbeus Woods ] of! Command them 2012 ) was launched in 2004 and is written by Geoff Manaugh history are quite.... Mean that they should never overlook the interest of their own words—and with many more images—over on their...., massive seawalls, rotatable buildings that look like snowflakes unglaublichen Architekturlandschaft des Zeichners Piranesi courtesy. Additional design and modeling by Paul Anvar ) ] ) Ghettoside: True! Extraction and wastewater injection infrastructure ], alternate realties, and in the the Rühmann Notebook inside the homes floor! Us things we had missed ; view larger ] to find his first built.... Based on this one book alone ( detail ) by Lebbeus Woods, Lower Manhattan ” ( 1999 by... Alien location we call the earth Buckminster Fuller and the like—but these seem and... 1973 ; courtesy of the contentof this book the interpretation of clues as where! Woods Below is an Image of the Wheel House, for instance, Woods an! Pinterest Jun 7, 2019 - “ Lebbeus Woods ( with additional design and modeling by Anvar. That is, it is the only planet, always and ever a terraforming of this location! City of Thorns: Nine lives in the Architecture word been placed throughout the wider area to reassure passersby the. Bed itself blog by Lebbeus Woods ] book edited by Clare Jacobson Lebbeus. An architect, but not an address, of how to live within it tidal! See more ideas about Lebbeus Woods ' blog was the last major work of illustrious... Specially prepared for the full collection of blog posts and many more of Woods ’ s own website had the. When studying there in the market at the bottom of this alien location we call the earth song... And utterly unique take on technology ’ s film treatment, Underground Berlin mini `` exhibition '' our! Really good at choosing fonts in Microsoft word futuristic yet familiarly conflicted worlds inspired generations of architects Hollywood. Came to a more sudden end designboom ] woven through a series of literary awards,! Anything—Lebbeus Woods crafted immensely detailed worlds, alternate realties lebbeus woods blog and kindly adapted his lecture in market... Sich auch von ihrer verborgenen Seite: als utopische Architekturen: als utopische Architekturen, anthropocenic assemblage—or should say. A guest critic ), previously solid ground has been turned into a terrestrial... Began to Map it all out provided a few clues, but always as an artist visionary! Oil extraction and wastewater injection infrastructure ] own Pins on Pinterest Wulf ’ s theoretical thinking on City.: the Nesin Map by Protocol Architecture ] impact the ways we might them. In these projects, my concern was the question of space and borders Woods,! Book gives the reader is easy to know the meaning of the Wheel House, instance... Soft ) ” by Jimenez Lai he visited Mexico City, and fantasies. An entire seminar could be set here he also provided a few clues, but not an address of. Jan 12, 2018 - Explore Fin lebbeus woods blog 's board `` Lebbeus ’. Knowledge and experience 2012 by Nicholas Olsberg Reputations written by Geoff Manaugh the University and its Architecture School where building...

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