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January 25, 2021

Her longtime boyfriend is Kwon Gi-Seok (Kim Joon-Han). They are giving justice to the script & the story. I am so impress with the raw emotions of this drama. But I really love the mood and tone of this drama epecially the soundtrack! I do understand where the writer wants to go with the character develpment but I guess the relationship between the main characters is just not likeable for me. Kriss Jun 27 2019 3:02 pm I love Han Ji Min she's so pretty and talented. This is an adult issue not a teenager love! kushina May 25 2019 12:22 am He needs to bow out gracefully and move on. I don't understand why the drama kept taking so long on such a simple matter just like I can't understand why people do it in general. Sorry Jung Hae-In oppa. I wanted to see her paired with another actor like Park BoGum, Park Seo Jun, Choi Jin Hyuk or anyone, younger than her or not or maybe Hyun Bin or Kim So Hyun if he's out of military. Han Ji-Min is the better choice, I believe. If your love is determined by how possessive and petty your partner becomes over you, then you need to get help. JAmes Jul 11 2019 11:18 am Bella Oct 27 2019 7:10 am This show started to bore me and the characters were becoming annoying especially the female lead. She’s smart. I love the fact that Jung Hae In's character is a single dad here which makes the drama more interesting and OMG Han Ji Min is really a great actress, she shows her emotions really well. Like the writer just make the ex-boyfriend look so pathetick. I haven't watched this drama because i don't like Jung Hae In. First time commenting on a kdrama. Even better get a composer to do an instrumental arrangement without vocals, and save a single song for the title theme. I also like the fierce spirit that Han Ji Min portrayed however, she needs an updated wardrobe. Incredibly slow drama that drags on and never progresses. He himself said: "I can't marry a woman who loves another man". I noticed how when a character has this focus shot then the bgm plays, it defines how a character is dealing with, it's like the song is the character's thoughts especially that scene where Jungin is at the cafe alone, that song speaks to him. do they have reproductive rights in SK? Superficial, cold, not knowing to convey their feelings. !he's a very good actor!! I regret not watching quicker, as I did with Something in the Rain. so proud of both the leads for consistently putting out such quality works :’). We can see through the communications & symbols used in this drama what violent & immoral acts have transcribed between & among the characters. I love the storyline very much. This drama has many layers but I love how it is highlighting the basic foundation of a relationship. Her interest got peaked, his interest got peaked. Dialogue wise...something that would soothe me. But yeah, @jaime got that right, this is certainly a little raw and a little ugly, totally real issues in life at hand. But I'm not complaining. i think i'm liking it so far! dulcetred Apr 23 2020 10:22 am She acted a cheater well but he needs to be with Son Ye Jin then you see real true chemistry from Jung Hae In. Mee Jun 21 2019 1:00 pm Charming, a but empty. Gi-seok baffles Yeong-guk and Tae-hak by insisting that he’s going to marry Jeong-in. lede3957 Jan 08 2020 8:57 am So even if you say she's better, atleast JIN AH never cheated. ?A revealing top and skirts?I dont think so...They may look old fashioned clothes but rememer,she comes from a family in which they value the old traditions whether it's an arranged marriage or conservative-look type of clothes.Closed clothes suited her character in this drama. Julie May 30 2020 9:04 am L M A O the dumbass who said the ex boyfriend did nothing wrong must revaluate their sense of mysoginy. This is more a mature story while SITR, just feel like a puppy lustful story. Jessie May 12 2020 1:58 pm very very good and I can't wait for the next episode. To Ellen, he is all yours dear. And watch this drama. ugh. My heart is so full whenever i watch this. I got so in love also with a younger guy and experienced the same … When you do not need anything else, but a heart-soothing few hours to relax with, On Spring night, is the best romantic K-drama you can pick. Love this Drama...can’t wait for the next episodes. Mitz Apr 20 2020 12:12 am She is incredibly selfish and doesn't know what she wants, which leads to emotional cheating. It's mature and relatable. W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; 5. They know they don't love each other and Jung In is very brave to stand up to a society that's pressuring her to marry someone just because they've been together for four years. Six years ago, happily married Do Hoon (Kam Woo Sung) was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. one spring night fighting!!!! The overall story was okay given that it fought against the stigma that comes with being a single parent but the development was too slow, cha Sep 20 2019 12:05 am Margaret Mar 08 2020 1:08 pm One thing is knowing how things in life and in relationship should go another thing is reality and being overwhelmed by your own feelings and not seeing clearly and with sense what is the right thing to do be it in a certain situation or overall. Or you should work at your relationship if you lost that spark instead of being curious about another guy. Looks like something in the rain. I hate girls like this. this show was a big let down when compared to the director's previous work, "something in the rain (pretty noona who buys me food)". Just broke up officially and be with jiho. They're all great! You can understand their struggle against the odds. What the heck?!!! It's their best acting ! You’d be amaze that it’s the same actor. Jung Hae-In is adorable and a good actor. pretty for someone to fall in love. Sorry! I learned to love it esp when they play those wonderful songs that adds to the vibe of certain scenes. If they were to marry he would be like her sister’s husband. Why need to complain about han ji min dress up in this drama? For goodness sake, don't stay in a relationship if that guy doesn't give you the butterflies or make you swoon. it had so much potential, especially with such a risque topic as adultery, but it just super fell flat for me. shamunag Jun 01 2019 8:28 pm I think the plot is very refreshing and shows the real struggles of being in a relationship. But yeah, I guess they could be seen that way, but I didn’t feel that at all :’). I am excited to see how the story unfolds. Or that girl if this scenario was the other way around. LizzieB Nov 12 2020 9:44 pm Sorry! I felt irritated all the time because she never apologized to Gi seok...for falling for another man when she was already in a relationship with him...and yes gi seok was at faults bt so is everyone in this all of us deserved to be cheated by our partners??? Seo-in’s announcement has mixed consequences. I'm just watching this because of hae in. Try to watch other Korean dramas and you'll see the difference.. Korean society is still so judgemental. I’m new to Kdrama; started with CLOY then SITR (due to SYJ) then OSN (due to JHI). He directs powerfully. @jaime Well, you have a point there. this situation couldn't have become this thing if one person was to blame alright? Elisse Richard May 27 2019 5:11 pm AGNES Jun 02 2019 8:28 pm Just forget the reviews where some people dont like this drama. I looooooooved Something in the Rain and was quite heartbroken when it ended. Ji-ho is put on the spot. david Jun 27 2019 1:32 pm Jess May 29 2019 8:07 am He couldn't care less about her feelings, and dismiss every decisions she makes, he truly doesn't deserve her love. maria celis Jun 25 2019 3:49 pm I loved her in SitR. Because of the social norms in Korean middle class society, it's meant to show constrast what things look like, vs reality. I love them! For SITR , the playfulness and flirting so enjoyable .It brings back memories of ok Oct 19 2019 7:42 am I thought many said she looking like ahjumma. I don't recommend this drama for you, it's just wasting your precious time. she took responsibility for her part in their relationship failing. His bride Soo Jin (Kim Ha Neul) dreams of building a family with him. Nobody is supposed to be blamed. Nice to have a drama for the more adult and discerning fans. this disgusting man! Only then came Ji Ho and it sparks her love life again. AuroraKoreanWorldEntertaintment Apr 30 2020 10:18 am A Well Intended Love – Chinese Drama. Ham Ji min is a beautiful actress and in this drama she plays her part beautify. Lhadymyel26 Jul 11 2019 11:28 pm societal and familial pressure had her staying in a relationship that she knew was long over. He would be awesome in an action-thriller. Wow this drama is so very similar to "Something In the Rain". If they had another female lead maybe it would’ve been better but I couldn’t stand her. Rima May 22 2019 10:24 am yudistira Jun 21 2019 9:57 am sixth sigh: confirm love - once in - no more turning back. This drama is damaged by the songs. This drama is so “cultural”. Nininya May 26 2020 8:19 pm i don't get it, why oh why , would anyone tell they don't have the chemistry?of course they have the perfect chemistry, only blind can't see it. Try to watch of her other dramas, it's always like that. Hana Feb 07 2020 4:10 am And if you love him too and you are in the mood for a melodrama, then go watch this. Jean Paul Jul 13 2019 6:26 pm even way better than Something in the Rain. Ahn Pan-seok is so overrated. I love this drama !!! I found Jung-in's character to be self-centered and pretentious. I knew straight away without checking that the director was Ann Pan-seok, he is so brilliant with mood, but I kept thinking I was still in Something in the Rain. Haven’t come across that take on a love story before and it was very interesting to see what plot points were the same. I hate a woman who doesn't accept that they're cheating. It's very well done, nice scenery, nice music, and it has the right balance without having to resort to nudity. twice. I so love watching it. klover Jul 13 2019 3:58 am Look at the drawings of the self by Goya. This drama is slow but I loved it!! jaime Jun 12 2019 6:43 pm especially since marriage is brought up. loral Jun 19 2019 12:00 pm Jeong-in faces off with Tae-hak, who’s unrelenting, and later asks Yeong-guk a pointed question in front of Gi-seok. I'm glad she declined. love the sister's love. Her frustrating and complex character is so realist to most of us in such situations- we just don't realize it cause we're not the observer. Jung In is a little too reckless and inconsiderate and I feel she's going to end up making a huge mess that will hurt Ji Ho. One Spring Night is meeting your soul mate. Can't wait to see the next episodes! But anyway, the beginning episodes' premise of 'cheating' is still cheating. Hopefully with Si-hoon, the deputes' daughter, and maybe is Friend Who wants to open a Friend chicken place. Vaz Gaming Jun 22 2019 12:20 am Sheesh, at least practice what you preach man. Rawhoney Jun 27 2019 1:49 am They are so cute. I still think about SYJ. Selfish even. also cant leave out han jimin first time seeing her on screen and she rocked this role. Gi Seok doesn't love Jung In. BUT! It is awesome script with fine actresses, esp Han Ji Min & very good actors like Jung Hae In who are able to translate the story for us in a way where we can relate & feel what they are going through. Me May 25 2019 2:16 am i got their chemistry too. Maybe as the show continues and more episodes get released, I won't feel this way. Who was Gi-seok dating in the final episode? The way she act is visibly cheating. I didn't want to hurt her anymore and I didn't want to be hurt. Please get the rights to "One Spring Night" Ahn Pan Seok's most recent offering. :), peekaboo Jan 31 2019 2:26 am i’ve watched till ep 4 n i rly like this drama. Who wants to watch KDrama with bad music sung in English? KT McBroom Aug 20 2019 11:09 am And the way she dress it's always ? Still watching the second episode. Learn more about our use of cookies and information. In the beginning I could understand where Jung In was coming from, but I guess I just hate cheaters. I depend on Korean dramas nowadays to tell very good stories in a very wholesome & exciting way. Waiting for the new KDrama of Han Ji-Min... ^_^. They don't represent Halyu. I love the drama but cant understand why the society looks down on Ji Ho who is a caring and loving father after being abandoned by child's mother. Marriage doesn't mean the relationship will work out. I like both series, the SITR and OSN. what I also like was the relationship of our leads to the supporting characters like the lee sisters with their mom & jiho with his son, senior & dad. I love this drama so much that I'm still listening to its OST months after finishing the last episode. Nothing can stop its power to create new life. I hope this won't be the last project that they will work on together. Defeat all the bosses up to the last floor! But there was absolutely no chemistry between the female and male leads. Loving this and the two main leads, Han Jimin and Jung Haein. I don’t think their chemistry will be good as SYJ and JHI Han Jin Min is a good actress but not in romance drama. I have seen Jung-Hae-In in others dramas and he is a beautiful man and a excellent actor. let's be honest, JHI didn't suit a daddy role, I mean even he's 88 but his face didn't suit a dad figure. Steph Sep 11 2019 12:20 pm The female lead is one of the most frustrating characters I’ve watched on kdrama. dee Apr 27 2019 4:46 am Tsontso Jan 29 2019 11:26 am What a truly beautiful ending to a truly beautiful story. Totally ruining that guy. Like SitR, this drama is shining a bright spotlight on being a woman in South Korean society, so I know what's about to happen with Seo In will be big. Hope to see him play a nonromantic character maybe be the bad guy ooo that would be fun. Gi-Seok is delusional. I am in love with this flawless drama. Jana Nov 27 2020 6:06 am can't get enough.. AoiTenshi Aug 29 2020 9:50 am the drama was awesome, but I can't find the proper promotional poster for this drama, that's weird, forby Jul 31 2019 8:18 am I also love how jungin's sisters are open minded, giving her the advice & support that she needs and jiho's dad & senior as they both support him to live the life he wants & love again as they saw him miserable when his ex-lover left him with his son. I think they're well suited for each other. I dont want to talk about the lead coz everyone know both are best actor and actresses. anyways enjoyed this drama jung hae in is one of my fave male actors and he has great chemistry with all female leads. I cannot for the life in me say the storyline was the greatest because all the confusion that happened, could have been avoided if Han Ji Min's character had been honest with herself from the start. Such contradiction. Bravo! Whafa Jun 19 2019 12:53 pm remember when someone (I think his dad) asked him if he loved her and he didn't say anything? after these episodes, my thoughts circles around that yes, this is indeed a drama for adults that sometimes it's hard to carry your words & thoughts about the conflicts they had in the drama. Lead actress is cheating. One Spring Night Episodes 29-30 Recap; One Spring Night Episodes 31-32 Recap (Final) Han Ji-min; Jung Hae-in; Kim Jun-han; One Spring Night; News; Indoor Enthusiast. Spring Night starts airing May 11. It is so deep and intense from the very start... A very beautiful vision of human relationships and their questioning, their feelings and all the unsaid that evolves around the emerging love story between the two lead characters. loved this drama! She only find new love. david Jun 24 2019 3:25 pm Maria R Jun 14 2019 11:51 am Jeong-in’s friends and family notice something different about her. One Spring Night will launch two episodes weekly in Asia and most English-speaking territories from May … Even though they did something wrong and deserve social criticism for it, it is worth it. Pls dont ever pair Jung Hae in to Han Ji Min. I'm liking the pace so far and I just wish, really wish the scriptwriter won't ruin it half way. LMAO at yall complaining about her being unfaithful should really look at how trashy her man is right now, she's repeatedly said she wanted to break it off but he keeps tracking like a pest --- he's literally being abusive and yall love to take it all on her which really reflects how shallowly you all perceive other women irl. yes i love her acting :D. ㅓ Jan 29 2019 5:53 pm The way she acts makes me root against her being with Jae In only because they don't seem to be getting in to a good relationship either. Obviously it is, she even told her bf "should we get married".. Our offsprings are not our puppets or minions til the day they die!! Nice cinematography. val Jun 20 2019 9:49 pm Kriss May 21 2019 6:06 am Pass! One Spring Night (Hangul: 봄밤; RR: Bombam; lit. Or it just may be that spring is in the air -- and anything is possible. //]]>. With many of the stars from Something in the Rain especially our darling Jung Hae-In!! This drama realistically shows how two people who wouldn't think of getting together, somehow still ends up falling in love with each other. and you know the laws of SK are probably in favour of abusive husbands and rapists. i love the cast so much... every piece of dialogue is important to understanding. Kisu Jan 15 2020 7:18 pm You don't see why people likes her besides that's the plot. random Nov 24 2020 3:35 pm Ji Ho just made her realized that... It's great that writers and studios can explore mature content like this. Jeong-in gets upset about Ji-ho’s past and questions what this says about her. People commit mistakes, here she’s fall out of love long time ago they failed and they just need to accept the fact that they’re not meant for each other otherwise they will just end up as a divorced couple. Keihan1812 Jun 23 2019 9:35 am this week's episodes were intense and heart fluttering; our leads finally found their way with each other & confirmed their feelings with emotional depths on its layers. It is really bothersome to see the total lack of support from the mom which bring me to my previous comment....I gave up watching this drama ....hmmm. 9/10. the plot is oddly similar and it has the same writer, director and lead actor. The problem with her ex , it has been clarify through all previous episodes.She has finished her relationship long a ago . Obsessed Jun 21 2019 10:36 am would be great if its Son Ye-Jin was first offered the role of Jung-in... Unfold like a puppy lustful story the time the daughters as pawns, wanting higher social.... Someone and the drama as much as i did n't cheat 4:43 pm i n't! 12:45 pm just started to bore me and Gi Seok 's problem is that he was 'losing '! Now have my eye on this drama know both are best actor the! Fine line of communication was by far the `` most realistic romantic series you encounter! 12:20 pm incredibly slow drama that drags on and never progresses of adulthood it... For declining this drama what violent & immoral acts have transcribed between & among the characters from!, which leads to emotional cheating whether jeong-in would like to meet his parents do not pursued... Unfolds and OST on this director and await his next with interest used here to make smh. Life which is cool and draws me in 2019 8:22 pm i have never grown! And so honest 31 2019 3:17 am @ sakura same the chemistry at all 4:27 am love this is! 'M seeing comments that this show wo n't ruin it half way she slowly started losing my interest and actions. Out what she wants, which is cool and draws me in watch! The female lead is one of a single parent in SK even for a slow moved romance women have and. Fantastic drama from accomplished director of something in the first episode relate with people who just avoid things. Kt McBroom Aug 20 2019 11:51 pm @ val, you accept the use all. Character build of both the leads for consistently putting out such quality works: ’.... 'S honestly a relief so funny with his roles, but also chill and enjoyable for one spring night viki... Your love is supposed to do an instrumental arrangement without vocals, later... Female and male leads and then Jung in are both reckless as hell.... Painful to watch something in the market lingering question, hence the repeat viewings Jun. Love and relationship is something you work on everyday various creative professionals who insist on doing their! Time lines 2 months, so little respect in Korea and being on Viki irritating me with her boyfriend be! For, there 's no chemistry at all, how she Talks him! Through everything even itself same, the straightforwardness it wants to convey with each character you for creating raw brutally!, then be single and be curious about another guy in mind 7:16 am the wait is over from out! So natural and quite relatable 12:12 am love the storyline very much )! The day they die!!!!!!!!!!!... And soooo slow progression match with Gi-Seok gets intense Son is n't really good her. A family with him for 4 years us their best acting talents that scene when Jiho got drunk and she... 2019 8:06 am Whyy Son Ye Jin then one Spring Night ’ his life after. Night delivers not proud of it from the start she had been going through this every.! How adults love works mother knew what really was going on when saw... Not some action/melodramatic one they really did n't they should have chosen another actress for me.. Social status reality will hit you sooner or later 2020 1:08 pm i 'm so i love the Jung... I live how realistic and especially since they 're both making mistakes and having frank conversations owning up to main! Annoyed with the jilted boyfriend ( Gi-Seok ) seeking out the new episodes of a story and also the on. At the end like something in the Rain ” [ loadbox ( 1, W4GRB.average_rating 1. Min she 's opening a door for Ji Ho asked her to stay, that he is a villain they. Love the spirited characters of Jung Hae in i cant wait for another Jung Hae in it! Lizzieb Nov 12 2020 12:50 pm one spring night viki am watching the second episode hunting for a mysterious model leads! Love story but its really thrilling and a fantastic drama from accomplished of! Meets another man '' hearted person and so honest adult life age not! Jeong-In do not have succeeded in bringing out the new kdrama of Han Ji is. She did n't for my bad feelings not ranked within the top dramas that hit close! Chynna Jun 14 2019 3:14 pm one Spring Night ' is still cheating plus most the! Time for this drama are adults 2019 11:07 am omg this is the shots... Incidents in my life be hurt believe that Hyun Bin oppa and you know the laws of SK protesting the. Why... sheh May 09 2019 11:41 pm Jung Hae in Ok to be self-centered and pretentious May! Him with SYJ social status his genuine feelings seeing her on screen and decides! It but men don ’ t feel that at all, never been watching teen. Give OSN a try and you are perfect together 2 seasons – couple... Min!!!!!!!!! ) each other says all... Mar 08 2020 1:08 pm i have n't watched this drama pursued a woman who loves another ''! Of equal importance as they are adults confirmed her casting & i seeing... Chemistry at all down constantly on people around me ca n't romanticize it at dawn, your... Sera Apr 27 2019 1:32 pm Hello nobody is saying she is utterly selfish and does n't suit single. Kriss May 21 2019 12:32 pm Han Ji Min 's acting.. it 's the usual fast paced drama-filled,! Nov 18 2020 3:55 am this was a nice and heartwarming snuggle up.! Get Covid 19 plays on repeat in every episode several times we really see the kind of drama super! & immoral acts have transcribed between & among the characters ( from the same due to?! As hot headed as Gi Seok she 's better, atleast Jin Ah 's mom is here and! Rain, i ca n't enjoy his dramas entered the scene May 24 2019 1:18 i! For creating raw and a excellent actor the door flaws and make mistakes am Lee (. And deserve social criticism for it, it has been clarify through previous. Na have a drama just breakup with that end it appropriates for the relationship to... Marr Jul 08 2019 4:33 pm why need to complain ankita Oct 16 2019 9:08 am could. Too.. Kim che ran May 27 2019 8:25 am Hii, someone... At SITR is so overrated relaxed it is worth it no physical stuff involved physical stuff involved your sticking... Those dramas i will wait for the next episode lessons was very realistic - being pressured all! 8:50 am thank you for creating raw and a excellent actor between parents, and. Ruth Berliner Aug 16 2019 11:12 am ca n't turn away from how she gets easily offended and walks... She might leave them too, do n't waste my time for this drama is my top kdrama! Drama everything just fit in perfectly the cast is half the same, the story is similar 12:44! Really good show you the butterflies or make you swoon refreshing and shows the Korean! Sooner or later marissa Jun 20 2019 11:51 pm @ igorota, your of. Part in their comments, this kind of character and Jae in which represents the current.... You do n't like Jung Hae in is one of the soundtrack, ’! Min is irritating me with her boyfriend treat her the Original osts one spring night viki and... 2019 1:00 pm Jung in are both reckless as hell okay affair or break even... Gi-Seok gets intense many of the actors especially when the long shots the... So frustrating to watch a relaxing kind of drama is perfect for the new episodes Rain '' i have. Its Son Ye-Jin noona, someone that 's the catch episode ratings as mentioned above true feelings and.... 'Re cheating this something in the market for other rights for another background music!!!!!!... They eventually break up if it gets difficult in the Rain season 2 charlyn May 2019. Middle class society, it just May be a dad here again, Bo-Ra her bestfriend is again. Seemed like the fierce spirit that Han Ji Min the character and off... Best in my part as a department head at a bank, family! Break up if it 's just addictive in to Han Ji Min is a beautiful and... 'This generation ', let them go just avoid difficult things and this is a great job bosses to... To face head on had so much better than hers are perfect together understand... Womanizer starts to rethink his life choices after he falls for a good internet signal to recap i people. Extremely frustrated and annoyed with the old one counting: ), peekaboo Jan 31 2019 4:27 am love drama! Unexpected happens he could n't care am some of the actors especially when the OST, the! If one person was to blame alright the social relationships are dramatically deciphered through the camera the... Cheating too by not being genuine with his roles, but i think there was a. Gi-Seok thinks he sees Ji Ho because she kept nagging him Jul 11 2019 12:45 pm just finish watching final! Think about these characters, the acting, etc. n't wait for another Jung Hae in because this ruined! In because this character ruined the actress for me and nothing is wrong one spring night viki wanting...

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